Heather and Kevissimo's Birthday
at Ethan's ranch
I never really make a big deal over my birthday. This year was going to be no different. I was actually perfectly fine with a chill day at home. Then two days before, Cameron was making Finger and Juna dinner. They were headed up to Ethan's ranch for his girlfriend Heather's birthday. They plotted for me to share it with her. I had met Ethan and Heather at Burning Man 2002 in Finger's camp Om Bayou. So the morning of Feb 1, with very little arm twisting, Cam and I set out north of Santa Barbara to Ballard Fields Ranch.

Ethan had picked a "pirate" theme and was planning a Treasure Hunt on the 250 acres. So after everyone eventually arrived we suited up, broke into two inebriated teams and hid our "stash" leaving written clues leading our hopefully even more inebriated challengers to the treasure.

It was one of the best birthday weekends I have ever had. Thanks, Heather for sharing yours with me...

February 1-2 2003

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Hey, Juna...why doesn't Kevissimo just come up with us to Ethan's?
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Feb 1
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Ethan's Flying Pig...
a universal indicator of the impossible happening
Turtle blowing is a tough and thankless task. Ethan is just that kind of guy though...
$7.04? I took two.
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Cam's art...note how it matched the pig.
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Stacey...Let others dress you. The results are....well, like this.
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Shael and Michael arrive.
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The Treasure Hide begins
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While we ran interference, Finger goes and buries the treasure less than 50 yards from where everyone would start.
Clever boy.
Ethan, much to his credit, refereed to insure some semblance of quality control.
Nils gets treed
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