Paynie's F***ing Party
and those who ended up here...

In the end it all worked out...but it didn't start out that way. A party that mushroomed out of control when 300 extra people showed up after Matty's birthday party got busted. A few of us retreated to my studio to chill until dawn. It was the blessing that came out of the weirdness.
December 2002

Noosha, Sylkia and Hippie Steve
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Juna and Shael.
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When I saw this, I knew it was Finger who shot it.
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Michael who camped with Om Bayou.
I wouldn't see these guys again until my birthday with Heather at Ethan's ranch.
Lindaliscious and Girlie
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Cameron. Little did we know at the time that within two months he would end up being my roommate.
Me about 5AM
XTC, Eno, Finger and Juna
Girlie Crash. I am beginning to suspect that this is part of her art.
Roo and the boys
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It's great when different circles of friends converge. Girlie meets my old friend Andrea the next day. Andrea (along with Carrie and Kelly) were my "Gigsville before there was a Gigsville." We met on the road 10 years ago and have all been close friends since.