Burning Man 2003 - Mime Rampage
"No Mime left behind!"
From the sick mind of Spork

I really didn't think this was going to work....
but once I saw Therm getting drunk and angst ridden, yanking imaginary flowers back from people he was "just showing them too" I knew this was gonna be one helluva night

Tuesday Night

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I think this was the moment
when things came together
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836511-R1-09 836511-R1-11 836511-R1-12 836511-R1-13
836511-R1-14 836511-R1-15 836511-R1-16 836511-R1-17
836511-R1-18 836511-R1-19
No mime left behind
836511-R1-20 836511-R1-21
836511-R1-22 836511-R1-23 836511-R1-24
This....this was our shining moment
We were in "stealth" mode when we
cam upon them in their rather intimate
goings on... they will remember this
for the rest of their lives
836511-R1-26 836511-R1-27 836511-R1-28 After this things got ugly