Captain Sodium's Birthday and Second attempt at Fist-a-Gig

Transpiring at Sodium and Caution's and the stone cold lot at Abundant Sugar

Los Angeles, October 11 - 2002

Little did I know at the time, but this would be my last photo of Half Dome

Mikey helps Jiggy John "find his keys"

Jiggy luv

I'm waiting for a good caption to this. Someone email me.

Willy, Caution and Sodium celebrating the big 42. Later he goes on to discuss the future of Biodiesel.

Whoa brings forth his inner child in the Birthing Tub. He looks happy...I mean She.
Oh dear...

Tackett dreams of sheep.

And with that we headed over to
Abundant Sugar. It was 2AM

Despite all the hippie love
there was a growing and palpable
tension in the air...
Whoa was getting agro pretty
quick and decided unilaterally to take care of the "Matt Shaw Problem"
Then outa NOwhere, Jenai whacks
Roscoe in the noodles, spilling his beer
We think this is all pretty funny.
We laugh and we laugh and then we laugh some more.

XT then whispers into Eno's ear
some poetic omen about
"blood from the sea cometh"

Dismissing her vision as gibberish
he goes to drink quietly by himself

Then SHE appeared

Rachel. Ex-Navy hard-core. She was throwdown from second one. All attitude and gall... and that left me little choice.

The game of Stink Eye went on for
10 minutes. Neither one of us flinched.

The silence around us grew deafening. Girlie began chanting for "blood." The impending violence that screamed in our veins was about to be realized in the most base and unscrupulous of manners.

She then sucker punches me.

Fist-a-Gig begins.

...and I am a star.
A big shining star.
Note the elboes. You should see the other guy...
Moxie (who earned her name that night as well) and I gloat over my defeated opponent.
Oh yeah. That's right. Ya don't mess with Villains. pinkie...

Kevissimo, you know you're just a girlie boy right?

I know, just keep smiling...

The next day this art thing happened.

Jeremy and Lindaliscious.

Theory Labs' only installation piece. Not interactive.
Lindaliscious' stained glass.
Christian's shop. The dude who made the Subjugator.

Abundant Sugar.

Sean's Sea Horses.

Newest work.