El Mirage Memorial Burn
by Dr. Whoa

Early in the morning on October 21st 2002 our friend David "Half Dome" Lathram died suddenly at his home.

The news of his death shocked us deeply and spread quickly as people made hurried calls to those not on the Gigsville lists and we sadly gathered at Barbara's Retaurant that night. In the following weeks Sodium coordinated two memorials for David. One for family, co-workers and friends at Dockweiler Beach on November 16th and the other for the community at our old home of El Mirage on the 23rd. Sadly I couldn't be there for the Dockweiler memorial, so I held my own personal good-bye at the same time in Kampala.

There we gathered for one last time to remember a man who was our humble protector, a tender to our wounds and our dear friend.

Half Dome...
We will continue to miss you and learn from your example.
May you find the rest you have so humbly and bravely earned.
Journey mercies, our beloved friend...


Half Dome's ashes
on Burning Man