Abundant Sugar hosts Cannibal Flower
Cannibal Flower is a traveling art happening involving hundreds of artists and DJ's from all over Los Angeles. This time they set up shop at Abundant Sugar. Paul asked me to hang some work and CF included it in the show along with Lindaliscious's stained glass. A great evening and we even got to watch Jenai break her nose.

I had just come from a birthday dinner for Alisa Christiansan who last year got severly burned on a camping trip. It was the first time I got to see her since the accident.

Februaury 22nd - 2003


I have to come up with a name for the first group of Villains you encounter upon ariving at an event. It hasn't come to me yet, but Whoa, Hannah, Moxie and Roscoe were mine this night.
Check the guy out in the blue suit. Roscoe and I discussed this at length.
"I want that suit...no, I want to be able to wear that suit...No...I got it: I want the courage it takes to wear that suit." Yes. That was it. We never will however and we never saw him again.
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This may be the last time we see Coco in awhile since she is moving back to NY. Coco came into our lives when I got a phone call just days before leaving for Flipside 2002. "You got room for a Coco?" I really didn't but I made room...We met the day we left... She's become an amazing part of our lives and we'll miss her.
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I smell a skunk...
Oh, that's just Matty. Apparently Audra's car got severly skunked that day and Matty ended up paying the price.
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For our entertainment Jenai hits herself in the nose with these new fangled rubber ended poi. We laughed..until we saw the blood...then we just took pictures.
Thanks Jenai!
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