May 23rd till May 28th
Austin, Texas

(fuck shit up)

Welcome to Flipside (f.s.u.) 2002 I hope you enjoy your trip.
Inspired by Burning Man and taken over by Texans, the theme this year was "Down the Rabbit Hole" which could only mean one thing…we had no frikken idea what to do. So after much deliberation and scotch we decided to be bunnies…Hell's Bunnies. Last year we were a cult so by some accounts this was an improvement. What we lacked in production value we made up in jackassery. We donned rabbit ears and sported the H.B. logo proudly on our beer stained shirts (which were born out of the twisted mind of Ernesto) We handed out stickers and Easter eggs filled with goodies. There was a fire ban on this year due to a lack of rain (which came Saturday when it was too late to do anything about it) so as opposed to burning The Stranger this year we beat the crap out of him and threw him in burn barrels. But not to be outdone the bunnies staged their own burn of mascot SCRATCHY on Tuesday when only a handful of people we left. Much absurdity is to be seen here which only underlines one of Gigsville's main tenants which is "Take a bad idea and run with it." Enjoy…