Heather Joy's Birthday Brunch
This has now become an annual tradition...and since Heather Joy has a birthday once a year, the math works out perfectly....
This year it was at her new home which oddly enough is across the street from The Lodge

Sunday January 23 - 2005

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2005-01-21-23hjoybday0001 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0002 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0003 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0004
The birthday girl...
2005-01-21-23hjoybday0005 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0006 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0007 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0008
2005-01-21-23hjoybday0009 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0010
2005-01-21-23hjoybday0011 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0012
2005-01-21-23hjoybday0013 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0014 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0015 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0016
2005-01-21-23hjoybday0017 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0018 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0019
Then someone hands Finger a chainsaw and it goes downhill from there
2005-01-21-23hjoybday0022 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0023 2005-01-21-23hjoybday0024