WND at Girlie's
A Night of Great Canadian-Mexican Cusine
February 26 -2003

The illicit photos from Albertsons
which the heavilly armed security force told me to stop taking in the name of Homeland Security
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time for....
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This was Cam's idea:
The much anticipated Canadian Mouse
107744-R1-29A 107744-R1-30A
Now that's one successful Canadilla
107744-R1-31A 107744-R1-32A 107744-R1-33A 107744-R1-34A
"Come see my beaver!"
Anita's 7 Layer Beaver Dip.
Then we suggested she see a doctor
107744-R1-35A 107744-R1-36A 107744-R1-37A But there was only one more event to come here...

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