Gigsville's Strip-A-Thon.2
(and stuff)

Well, we needed the cash.
Theory Radio has for too long languished as an underfunded and underappreciated pirate radio station drifting in near anonymity on the distant shores in the sea of the web. Well doggonit, that's all gonna change. So we took off our clothes...for cold hard cash to pay for little
bits of official paper, legal fees and replenishing the dwindling stock piles of booze that the hosts of Theory Radio consume every week at a rate that would emotionally cripple a small pod of whales.
The Strip-a-thon had a much loved history in the Sindigig community. It had been years since that first seminal event and when the need called Normal revived this sacred event with the help of the boys of Theory Labs (which houses the humble station), DJ Dougie Style, DJ Hyjinx, some well dressed bartenders, a well paid bouncer and host of villains who took it all off in every conceivable context from hanging from a flying rig in a straight jacket to literally ripping their own flesh from their bodies....which I promptly ran out of film for.
Some things are best left to memory.
Most of the evening was.

Theory Labs


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Though first, I was in San Diego with fellow burners and Tribe members (cameron, bounce, eric, misha, rebecca and hambone) where we had our first performance as a "band."
This isn't it. This is the parking lot.
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I have no pics of the event itself since I was actually on-stage. I did however get to make a follow-up piece of Rommel on stage. That's it lurking in front.
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It takes a village....
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K-Rex who also kicked some ass in set up...not to mention on stage.
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Boobies! Caution now has boobies...
497486-R1-26A 497486-R1-27A
One of the relationships that spawned out of the Grilled Cheese Invitational.
Erico's arrival was the grand surprise for me.
Our hosts
Normal and Shaft
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