Santacon 2003
Riding on the Metro Ho Ho

December 13

Due to a breakdown in communication I didn't have my camera with me. In the end I was happy to be without it. There were enough villains with pixel power to more than capture ensuing events. This year we travelled in a new kind of sleigh: The Metro Gold Line. Hurricaine Linda took kitty herding lead. We had snowball fights with passing cars and disenfranchised elves, we stormed the Church of Scientologee (sic) and amongst other silliness we had a number of actual of arrests and were cut off at a Pasadena bar for actually not doing much of anything weird that I could see. * Very strange this one....

Those who actually got shots:
David Spancer

Mayor Jim
da Bomb
Elf Liberation Front

If anyone else wants their pix linked just send me an email

Our previous endevours
SANTACONS 2002 - 2001 - 2000 (yet to be scanned in)

Actually the only photo I walked home with.
This was shot during the first arrest and paid for by new Santa buddy Kelly...who I need to get it back to.








Ok...Info is spilling in on this and actually we got cut off for pretty good reasons. Don't assault the wait staff.
I'm not holding these incidents up as highlights.