In Pittsburgh with the Fuckos
Holly brings Tano to the Burgh
December 2002

Holly's rents.
Yes, this is the stair to Holly's room. This clarified alot of things for me.
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An unintentional reference to CeCe and Pie in the same photo
I'm a fucking genius...
Welcome to Pittsburgh.
Please leave your colon at the door.
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We then "dropped by quickly" at a party of one of Holly's friends who hit on me all night. Not the woman in the picture that's Holly's sister.
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Things were normal up until this point.
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Tano then got really violent and began force feeding candied peeps to Holly's sister.
She then tossed all his cocaine in his face spilling most of it on the porch.
So he stole her bra.
816855-R1-13A 816855-R1-14A
This was the first casualty of the evening and who promtly turned into an evolving art piece which was inflicted upon her all night.
It takes ALOT of alcohol to burn a peep.
816855-R1-17A 816855-R1-18A 816855-R1-19A
"Still Life With Rude Pillow" is completed just before 3AM.
Yes, that's the right time.
I'm not sure who's shoe that is.
Please..please...get me back to Gigsville