Linda and Robert's Wedding (Redux)
(Cannibal Flower and MOUS closing)
This was a rather complicated day....

It had been ten big years since Linda and Robert got married. Today was the day they renewed their vows, pledged undying obedience to each other and Mattshaw and LQ arrived late with beer. Which was fine. We like beer. We also like Mattshaw and LQ. What we liked even more, well not more, but we liked alot, was all heading back to Robert and Linda's for one of the best Thai spreads I've ever beheld. Had I the courage to binge and purge I would have done it. Then a water hose exploded all over our table and Robert threw himself in the pool in his suit.
It was funny.
Then sadly I had to run off to the Cannibal flower show to see the one piece I had in it, which had the good decency to sell before I even arrived. Spork also had her baby doll dress there. Then if that wasn't enough it was the rush over to the closing of the MOUS' final midnight show of the Semi-Erotic Adventures of Lopez the Invisible Mexanaut. I caught Shaft's balls exploding and DJ Sheriff had everyone standing with their mouths gaping open for 40 minutes.
I like days like this....

June 26 2004


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