Farewell to LQ
Well, we had her for a little while, but it was now time for our Leopard Queen to return to the wilds of that land of mystery known as Canada. So in true form Patrick opened up his pad for her farewell bash.
Since I'm tired of spending money on you people for film and processing I wanted to get these up quickly and I didn't have any film on me anyway, I stole borrowed Paynie's friend's Paynie's camera. I never quite got the zen of the shutter delay. Imagine every photo here as absolutely brilliant just one second earlier.

Journey mercies, Lola....see ya at Flipside...

At Chez de Patrick

ben's pics

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...and this set the aesthetic tone
for the rest of the night
SANY0153 SANY0154 SANY0155

SANY0156 SANY0157 SANY0158 SANY0159
SANY0160 SANY0161 SANY0162 SANY0163
SANY0164 SANY0165 SANY0167 SANY0168
SANY0169 SANY0170 SANY0171 SANY0172
SANY0173 SANY0174 SANY0175 SANY0176
SANY0177 SANY0178 SANY0179 SANY0180
SANY0181 SANY0182 SANY0183 SANY0184