Dougie Style's Art Opening
"Reception - Perception - Deception"
February 8 - 2003

Let's just say it was a long night....
I love Dougie. I really do. When he said at New Years "You must come to my art opening..."
I said, "Of course, Dougie. I love you. I really do. Long beach isn't that far...and it's easy to park."
When I got there I saw multiple glowing windows of light on the walls. Ooo, I thought. A multi-media slide thingie...neat.
About 10 minutes went by. The windows continued to glow. People gazed at them while listening to an audio tour. ($2 rental)
I realized to my horror that this WAS the art.
I stole one of the audio decks to listen to a woman with a lovely accent pontificate on light particles and the nature of the universe.
It was brilliant.
Then I took Dougie out back and beat him senseless with a stick.

Meanwhile my friend was having her birthday party in Pasadena (which I was missing)
I thought it was the week after, but Cameron insisted it was tonight.
So after cleaning up, writing something obscene on the white wall with the white chalk they provided, I flew up to see her.
I found her and her roommate doing homework and laundry. She was glad to see me though and looked forward to seeing me at her party next week.
I went home and beat Cameron with a stick.
Then threw myself on a nail.


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