Matty and Crunchy whose long history of opening up their home to we villains did the only obvious thing faced with a growing community.
They tore the ol' pad down and built a new one.
They opened up their home for the first official time for Thanksgiving.*
(some photos intentionally left "missing")

by kevissimo
Thanksgiving Day 2002

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And nothing says Thanksgiving
like passing out in your hosts' yard...

...and after two years we find that very little changes.
And for that we give thanks.
You two are a gift to us all.

Back to Gigsville for a nap
go hang the next day with Minister Dave and Andrea.
who we hung with a year ago

*This was actually not the first gathering at the new pad. When our friend and Mutaytor performer Anthony (aka. Serendipidy) passed away Matty and Crunchy, despite having no floors and little furniture, had friends over on September 6, 2002 to remember him.