Shaft's Birthday and other unpredictable events

Now we know everyone hates Shaft and he hates us. It's a kind of loathing that has necessitated the creation of a new kind of category. There is loathing and then there is Shaft Loathing.
This, however, didn't keep us from all gathering at a blue's bar for his first surprise party which was pulled off seamlessly by the sly Casey.
It's not that no one has tried to have a surprise party for him before, but he has habitually discovered the covert attempts and foiled them by showing up before everyone else and throwing all the food on the floor and surprising us.
Not this time.

We hate you Shaft. We hate you with all of our dark little hearts.

Babe and Ricky's
April 26 - 2003

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But opening in the group show
at the I-5 Gallery in the Brewery.
This made things a little tricky since
Theory LAbs was just 100 yards away and
we all needed to mysteriously have
other plans that night.
...and XTC
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