The Ballad of Sodium and Caution

we were witnesses


who here's aroused?

sylkia sherry jen gaio - aroused

ceremony with andrea



ceremony with dave's finger

fuckos look on


shout to my boy

ballad of the fuckos

ceremony with andrea plea

preparing for the child sacrifice

shaft says something which throws everyone into an awkward silence

matty vomits but only i notice

davor plays with danger

Jiggy and Rommel

Girlie talks Shaft through his mushroom trip - Evil does sit ups

House Cuties XT and Elf

Fire Ballads

the road to

Sodium smokes weed

Davor Fire Haiku

Fire Tales

Erico with Cautions Cock

Avoiding the Obvious Caption

Watching as Anita stabs herself

Ass - Cautions Ass

Jiggy balladeer

mm impressive

Luuuv font

luuv fest

Cautions side of the story


Roscoe hosts the Mad Dog Drinkoff

so I heard that's why it's called an ocelot

Sodium's side of the story

As long as Therm doesn't hurt himself he can do whatever he wants with that thing

and so THAT'S why it's called and ocelot

the Ballad of Sodium and Caution

enough love and cock drinking....back to GIGSVILLE