Early Adventures of the Villains

Death Valley - June 26-27

4:30 AM
Me (Kevissimo) just after the tire explosion on Rt 10
Therm and Mayor Jim at the Trey crash site
Dawn on the East ridge.
An aerial view of the town of Fuzzy covered in glostick juice.
Jiggy John
Tire go boom. Car swerve. Traffic stop. We survive...then gloat.
Stu. Just after the debacle.
Note to myself...
We meet Robin for the first time.
The last time Trey ever breathed fire.
Shortly after this he inhaled some fuel and began a litany of this horrible coughing that went on for an hour...and then suddenly stopped. We then couldn't find him and thought he had died. He had actually just gone back to his truck to keep from annoying us.
Shaft. (preloathing)
Zak. Zak had been with us since 96 until he went on his world pilgrimage. Burning Man 98 was his last outing with us. We all miss Zak.
Mayor Jim. Soon to take leadership/kitty wrangling duty for Gigsville's first time at Burning Man.
Hurricane Linda and Jiggy John. Dilation Documentation.
Hurricane Linda. This is the trip that revealed to me that chicks playing with fire is the sexiest thing on the planet.
Old School fuckos.
Fuzzy...I believe the only thing we DID consume out there was propane.
The ill fated Mama Propane balloon... took hours to fill. It popped just before we tried to blow it up. And yes, all those spent canisters are in there.
Just previous to this we said good-bye to a guy named "Tim Walker" Sometime after 3AM this crazed lunatic arrives from an all night drive BACK from which he also drove that very same morning. It was Tim who drove to Arizona but it was Cap't Shady who came back.
Jiggy John, someone I can't peg, Nathan, Therm and XTC. This was XT's first outing. She hated every bloody second of it.
7AM and the Evil Star was out.
Me holding the chunk of my car that got knocked loose by the exploding tire.
In the final minutes before escaping the crater, I turned around just as Trey's vehicle bottomed out on a rock. It was about 7:30AM and it was already in the 90's.
Going back to meet Therm and figure out how to get the car out. We eventually jacked up alternating sides of the vehicle placing rocks under the wheels till finally we were able to pull the rock out with a chain. Thankfully the rock was a loose one.
My beloved old Raider with the shred. This meant we drove to the crater without a spare.


The color images are from a Hi-8 tape I had shot and subsequently lost a few years ago.

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