XTC's Theory Labs Playboy Sendoff Weekend
March 16-17 2007

Well, if she has to move to Austin then at least she deserved a glorious sendoff. Three days of it in fact.
Yes, the Texodus™ claims another of our beloved fuckos. I was pretty much in denial until Saturday night when Hurricaine Linda read her poem to the circle of friends amassed here at Theory Labs.
Then I cried like a little girl. And not in a way that gets you sympathy, candy or a passive aggressive validation complex...
Except for the peeps in Texas who now get her, we here in LA are sad but excited for her in this new chapter that is the Book of Gigsville.

I first met XT in 1998 in the pre-Gigsville adventure to Amboy Crater. By all accounts it should have been her last trip...with the (seemingly) ten mile hike in over rocks and Trey nearly dying of chemical pneumonia it was a tough trip on her. But she stayed. And that among many things, is why she is a fucko. She has been my witness and my wisdom speaker, my confidant and my secret keeper. She has brought the north back to my moral compass more times than I can count.
"How ya doin?" and "Where ya goin?" have deeper implications when asked by her.

Now that I think about it, I'm now totally doomed...

by kevissimo


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I head off to do something
but it doesn't concern you so don't worry

What did concern us was that on the big first night a massive film crew clogged all of Avenue 21 making parking suck.

People in film are bad people
But they had an elephant
That was neat
KMO_8592 KMO_8594 KMO_8595
I love the fact that Skinx is now part of the fold.
I blame Flipside
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