(Now is) The Winter of our Disco Tent

Sometimes all it takes is a few beers and a Shakespeare reference for an evening of bootieliscious fabulousnessnessness
That and a week of prep for Umlaut Haus which had never looked so...clean.
...and groovy. Yes, clean and groovy is the best way to describe it. And I got to wear one of the most uncomfortable outfits in history of civilized man. Ok, that's a bit hyperbolic, but it was "itchy." DJ Patrick Grover rocked the house yo and by the end they had given out the stripper poles supplied by peekaboo stripper pole company (who sponsored the whole shebang) and we had 6 of the 8 hours injury free after Heathervescent took at stripper pole to the head...for YOU, you ungrateful bastards....

Saturday December 2 - 2006
by kevissimo

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