Santacon 2006

Due to an exhibit and performance that very night I was sadly going to skip this year and just join them for the send off. Somewhere in my subconscious, I knew this wasn't going to stick. Soon enough Hurricane Linda (who organized it) urged me to at least join them for the first chapter...or two. Though this is usually kept secret, I knew we were headed to Watts Towers and Long Beach. Long Beach is FAR. I did the math. I would have to leave there by 4:30 to get back to the studio, load up my easel and get to the gallery in Culver City by 6:30. It was an absurdly tight time frame and if there was traffic I was screwed.

So I went. They took the Metro. I drove, usually beating them by about 20 minutes. This of course meant I was a lone Santa which in the Rules of Santacon is a no-no. Lone Santas get picked off by security, gang bangers or scientologists. Also, lone Santas are simply not funny. Safety and irony are in numbers.

I managed to meet up with them in Watts, though singing "Frosty the Crackhead" was a generally bad idea...

Total chaos ensued once they hit Long Beach. A mutineering faction headed back to Hollywood, while some stayed in the first bar and another group headed to the speed boat. Any others ended up at yet another bar which quickly tired of us and asked us to leave. Long Beach has no sense of irony or Christmas spirit.

I however didn't say for the eviction, but was speeding back to LA to make my show...which I barely made and ended up doing in the pouring rain. I left right after it was done and headed back to Theory Labs where the Santas had reconvened. We ended up playing terrible music, taking pictures of Isa's new haircut and finishing the bottle of Bushmils. I went to bed just before dawn.


Saturday December 9 - 2006


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