The Complicated Weekend Before Thanksgiving
Pixie-PF Hang - Sylkia's Dinner - Them Spancers

And nothing says Pre-Thanksgiving like Marzipanimals...which is how I started the weekend with Kasey's delievery.
XT, Slaw and I headed out to Ventura to see Pixie and PF and were indoctrinated into the cult of Dance Dance Revolution.
It was then a frustratingly slow drive back to LA to get ready and turn around to get out to Patrick's where he was cooking a kick ass corned beef dinner for Sylkia's birthday (which was in July but we still didn't care). After this we realized we did in fact have time to head over to David and Apryl's for their annual Pre-Thanksgiving shindig.

Saturday Novermber 18 - 2006


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