New Years (2.0)
"Ok start over...."
(and Farewell to Hannah)

By many people's accounts we had fucked up this year good and proper. It was supposed to be "2006 - Turn Up The Awesome"
But Patrick forgot to plug in the he decided to host a new new years for July 1 and start this bitch over.
And speaking of Bitch...

It was also our chance to bid farewell to Hannah (aka Bitch aka Flame Thrower Bitch for those around long enough to remember) as she heads off for travel adventures and destinies unknown.

Saturday June 30 - 2006
at Chez Patrick, Ben, Slaw
by kmo

Return triumphantly and with renewed hope back to GIGSVILLE

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And as all good evenings start
we begin with a shaved cat over at Umlaut Hau
KMO_3115 KMO_3117 KMO_3122
Look closely at this one...
KMO_3125 KMO_3126 KMO_3127
KMO_3128 KMO_3129 KMO_3130 KMO_3131
KMO_3133 KMO_3134 KMO_3136 KMO_3137
KMO_3139 KMO_3140 KMO_3142 KMO_3143
KMO_3144 KMO_3145 KMO_3146 KMO_3149
KMO_3150 KMO_3151 KMO_3156 KMO_3157
KMO_3159 KMO_3160 KMO_3161 KMO_3163