(last part of)The Third Second Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational
(and the aftermath)

Grilled cheese sees it's third year.
Since the Man had come crashing down on Theory Labs not allowing any more "events," the Cheese needed to find a new home.
After much discussion and a near miss with an Elk's Lodge, it was decided to keep the event not only in the family, but in the next perfect venue right up the street....

At least I made it...I didn't think I was even going to be there since I was shooting a friend's wedding in Santa Barbara, but as it played out, the wedding chilled out early and I was able to jump back in the car and made LA in 2 hours....essentially just enough time to catch the end of the awards.

When I first arrived I saw Main Street blocked off in both directions and had a wave of paranoia, that the Man had come down on the cheese, but it was just a huge crane toppled over in the middle of the tracks. As Roo said, "I feel fired just looking at that..."

Peeps who actually got pics throughout the evening:
Ben - Art
- BoB - WA - Gary

...and then we "freaks" get written up in the LA Alternative Press.

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Saturday - April 1 2006
by kmo

pick up a gallon of colon drano and I'll see you in GIGSVILLE

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Uh oh...
Oh, now it all makes terrible sense...
Girlie! What have you done now?
Oh, sweet mother of Buddha...
Is it going to be this was every time we have an event?
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Spork has the nerve to win again...