WND - Mike and Laura
Look who's back! Well, at least for the next few months while their house in Costa Rica is being built.
Since I had been busy and hadn't been reading the list, it was only a fluke that I stumbled into Barbara's this night.
Good to see you two....

Wednesday March 29 - 2006
by kmo


Heathervescent on Theory Radio
Something was offensive but
we determined it wasn't her.
KMO_6410 KMO_6412
Laura and Mike with Pinball
I meet Mouse (on the right)
for the first time
KMO_6414 KMO_6415 KMO_6416 KMO_6417
KMO_6418 KMO_6420 KMO_6421 KMO_6422
KMO_6426 KMO_6427
This is where they live
Right on top of that green lump

Yes I know that I'm taking pictures of a picture