The Last Party
(aka Hipgenesis)

Saturday February 18 - 2006

by kevissimo

So this was it...and all good things come to an end. And what an ending it was. We had just left Tawny's Birthday which followed the Gig-Guys Sausage Fest to see what this evening would bring....Seven DJs in seven rooms, lights, grafitti and broken concrete and bowling in the hallways. It was billed as the Hipgenesis party to be held in a secret location downtown, but all of us knew where it would be. It was my old home of thirteen years, Cameron's old home, Marcie and Bash's old home as well as Audra, Karis and last final hold out being Paynie and his Red Loft.

In the years since I was able to get Paynie into the building, the Red Loft became a central gathering space for some of the best parties we have ever been to. There, various circles of artists, burners and peeps of all walks mixed, made movies and made art. Much of that art was ephemeral and vanished with the sunrise, but magic and mayhem was wrought in this space.

Unfortunately over the past few years increasing pressure to gentrify had come to downtown and it was now here to stay. Prepackaged condominium "lofts" and upscale apartments began pushing the artists out as rents increased and the Arts District slowly became an ironic title. In November of 2005, I saw the writing on the wall and finally moved. Our building on east 7th strangely fell not to condos, but to a school. Under the banner of "Affordable Housing" our owners sold the building and the 30 day notices came just shortly after.

The clock was now ticking and this was the last party.
It was everything that building deserved.

"I'm glad I was here with you, at the end of all things..."

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001urbinf KMO_2355
Plaid takes my camera as we all head out from Theory to the "secret location"
KMO_2357 KMO_2358
KMO_2360 KMO_2361
The Red Loft
KMO_2362 KMO_2363
KMO_2364 KMO_2365
Davis freshly back from New Zealand
KMO_2370 KMO_2371 KMO_2372
KMO_2376 KMO_2377
KMO_2378 KMO_2379 KMO_2380 KMO_2381
Tawny (not a teenage raver)
KMO_2383 KMO_2384
This was Mayumi's old space and before that, my friend Nancy's space
This is the first and last time it would ever look like this...
KMO_2386 KMO_2387 KMO_2388 KMO_2389