The 2ND Second Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational

They pulled it off last this year was the kids of Theory Labs (Shady, Mattshaw, Therm, Shaft, Eno and XTC) along with an assist from Noosha and Tano created even bigger and more intestinally deadly event. I don't even know what the count was but it was huge...
It was an orgy of cheese. There were injuries...but they didn't manifest till the next day.
Tigger and Dougie flew in from New York. Heidi and Elias flew in from San Francisco.

It was all just sick beautiful.

Saturday March 19 - 2005
Theory Labs - Los Angeles


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Therm hands me the magazine he found in Seattle.
Life is weird (and there are no complaitns)
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Despite the festive air of the evening, the pressure of pulling off something of this scale is enormous. One did not have to look far beneath the surface to see the strain and agony betrayed on some of the organizer's faces.
Not Shaft. Here he was just cranky about something.
Dougie talks about his rash.
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Yes, Tigger and Jim built the Grilled Gates...
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